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4 February 2019 - 8 February 2019
United States
Innovate UK's Space Delegation in Silicon Valley & Los Angeles

About UK Delegation Companies

To meet with members of the UK delegation, please register and visit the Participants page where you will be able to schedule meetings and register for events.

Aquobex Technologies

Improving risk management, predictions and emergency response to climate change-induced natural disasters, Aquobex’s I-REACT novel, modular platform swiftly integrates, analyzes and disseminates real time, useful information to public and private organizations.

aXenic Ltd

A leader in the design, development and production of optical modulators for communications and sensing, aXenic offers lightweight and small size optical modulators that boast negligible power use and are ideal for a satellite, defense, aerospace and other optical communication use.


Offering low-cost, compact and lightweight communications products that have beyond visual line of site capability (BVLOS) and run next generation software, e2E’s satellite-enabled communications systems can be swiftly deployed in land, sea, air and space-based systems. e2E's goal is to make satellite communications accessible to all.

Earth-i Ltd

In 2020, with the deployment of its constellation of very high-resolution, small, agile EO satellites, Earth-i will offer its clients near real-time video and still images from space, allowing them to make smart decisions more swiftly. Earth-I currently offers high resolution image data from theDMC3/TripleSat Constellation, KOMPSAT series of satellites and SuperView satellites.

Hooley Research Ltd

Offering novel solutions to hard technical problems, one of Hooley Research’s leading products is a very low-cost, high performance beam-forming meta-surfaces technology allowing the use of scanning tracking satellite antennas with extremely low RF losses and power use as well as low-loss, on-board antennas for inter-satellite communication.

Infinite Orbits

Looking to a future where satellites will be rapidly upgradeable space platforms, one of Infinite Orbit’s novel offerings is a low cost, high performance GNC mechanical docking/rendezvous system that allows its satellites to anchor to features common to 90% of satellites in orbit and which supports station keeping, deep space logistics, asteroid mining and in-orbit services to GEO communication satellites.

IRIS Intelligence BST JV

With award-winning web-based software that delivers quantum computing-proof cyber security for current and long-term future protection – including zero-day attacks– for cyber physical devices within space systems, IRIS Intelligence offers NASA, NOAA, USGS and others urgent protection from cyber threats.

Isotropic Systems Ltd

Named one of 2019’s ’10 Hottest Companies in Satellite,’ Isotropic’s next-generation, high-throughput software-defined antennas and modular communication terminals communications terminals feature transformational optics technology that significantly reduce cost (80+%) and power performance, creating bigger markets for companies in the aerospace, transportation, logistics, global consumer terminal and defense sectors.

Methera Global Communications

With its initial launch in 2022 of 16 Medium Earth Orbit satellites delivering super-fast, low cost high-capacity broadband service, Methera will bring digital services and connectivity to underserved areas worldwide.


SATAVIA’s decision intelligence platform combines cutting edge atmospheric science with AI to increase uptime and reduce the estimated £1-2b annual costs of unscheduled engine and airframe maintenance caused by ice, dust and corrosive air pollution.

Skyrora Ltd

To meet the growing demand for small satellite launches, Skyrora has combined proven technology derived from historic launch programs such as Skylark and Black Arrow to develop a cost-effective micro launcher that can deploy small-satellites to precise orbits responsively and on demand. 

Space Talos Ltd

By developing an active, practical shielding solution for satellite electronics and subsystems that deflects radiation before it can reach circuitry, Space Talos significantly improves the longevity and reduces the costs for circuitry deployed in radiation-heavy space missions.

Spottitt Ltd

Tailored to serve the energy, environment and infrastructure sectors, Spottitt’s cloud based platform and machine learning based algorithms makes searching, accessing and performing complex analytics on multiple, up-to-date open source and commercial global satellite imagery as easy as shopping online, with results offered at low cost and in hours, not months.

Steamjet Space Systems

With its safe, simple and small solid incombustible thruster design and propulsion system for orbit control of CubeSat satellites, Steamjet Space Systems increases reliability and decreases the cost of CubeSat deployment, allowing its customers to quickly optimize their earnings.

Visio Impulse Ltd

With a novel platform that currently offers two products to automate the dense classification and search of satellite imagery, Visio Impulse allows its clients to quickly and interactively get the ‘smart data’ results that they need.

About Supporting Organizations

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the United Kingdom’s innovation agency and part of UK Research and Innovation, an organization that will ensure the UK maintains a world leading position in research and innovation. We work with people, companies and partner organizations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy. We fund, support and connect innovative businesses throughout the UK, helping to accelerate growth through innovation. Since 2007 we have committed over £2.5 billion to innovation and helped more than 8,500 organizations, adding an estimated £18 billion to the UK economy and creating 70,000 extra new jobs.

Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network helps ambitious businesses innovate and grow internationally. Jointly funded by the European Commission and Innovate UK, our experts advise and connect those looking to commercialise ideas and succeed in new markets. In the UK, Enterprise Europe Network is delivered by 24 organizations located across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Enterprise Europe Network USA Partner - The European-American Business Organization

Did you know that Europe is the source of more than 50% of America's annual global earnings, and that 75% or more of Europe's annual direct foreign investment goes into the US market? The European-American Business Organization, Inc. (EABO) can help your company grow - we specialize in transatlantic business development and international tax services. We offer services ranging from as early stage venture funding, market expansion strategy, international trade show planning and support, public relations strategy and legal assistance. The EABO team has decades of experience in these fields and speaks the majority of the European Union’s principal languages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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